Sunday, April 13, 2008


next bottle to appear is the Pear Brandy, which is empty. This was enjoyed as a topping to my Pear Sorbet thoughout last summer.

continuing on the Kahlua bootle is next on the scene.

here we have the Scotch, which I might add is a very tasty scotch.

finally the Napoleon Brandy, which was a much appreciated Christmas gift.

Now that the painting is complete I am very happy with the outcome. I like the way that the light reflects off the different bottles. I am pleased with the refractions of the lables that appear on the wine glass and the scotch bottle and particularly pleased with the abstract elements in the reflections.

The working title of the painting has never quite sat right with me and Noreen had suggest that as these are things that I like that I change the title to "A few of my favorite things", which I think says it all!

Now it is time for a change and I am putting on my sculptor's hat (actually that should be sculptor's cover-alls - its a dusty job). I will keep you posted.