Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Works - a little tardy posting.

Been awhile, will have to try harder to post regularly.

Its been a busy few weeks, have mangaged to get a few new pieces finished. I was involved in an artshow at start of May. Painting posted earlier "After Dinner" (now titled "A Few of My Favourite Things") was voted "People's Choice" - wow what a compliment.

Travelled to Calgary to visit with our son and his wife, sure alot easier to fly than drive. Keith has just built a 1929 Roadster (still needs to do the wiring and such) and has a 1956 Merc. pickup and a Triumph Motorcycle that he had entered into the Calgary King of Customs Show. Saw their new home and had a nice break.

Got back last week got a call to go in for knee surgery to fix knee I that I damaged last January playing hockey. Not moving far from home so production is increasing - on the road to recovery.

Moving on to some of the latest pieces that I have completed

"Tangaro's Rainiers"

After finishing the painting of the cherries, I wanted a break from painting and started on some sculptures. The first was a request for a Raven from a neighbour (photo below of the end result). Customer was very pleased. (Approx. size 12" high 12" wide 5" deep)

"The Trickster"

The following piece is a Great Horned Owl. The first photo is the roughing out of the body of the owl, followed by the finished piece. Both the Raven and Owl are sculpted using Brazilian Soapstone. (Approx. size 16" high 12" deep 10" wide)

The last piece I recently completed. I have included a photo of the maquette that I made for this sculpture . The stone is Chlorite,and is pale green when you are working it. When you start polishing it with wax or oil it changes to black with just a hint of green, a beautiful stone to work with, I was able to great detail with it as it's harder than soapstone.
( Maquette is approx. 4" long Sculpture is approx. 12" long 7.5" high 5" deep

Maquette for sculpture

Finished sculpture

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